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Backstreet’s Back…and yes, I want it that way | Concert Review

Monday, August 26th of 2019 was a day I had been counting down til for a very long time. Although, I had seen the Backstreet Boys a three times prior, it still felt like a first for me. I never did get to see them on tour during their “prime”. Not being able to drive…

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Living My FEST Life – CMA Fest 2019

Although, this week has come and gone just as fast as it always does, the memories that were made will stay will me for far longer. From rain to humidity. Long lines, late nights and early mornings. Meeting new friends, strengthening bonds with old friends. CMA Fest always proves to be my favorite week out…

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CMA Fest 2018 Recap

It’s hard to believe I have been attending CMA Fest for almost TEN YEARS! Each year seems to take forever to get the next year’s events and then when it is finally time it seems as though it came too fast. The festival seems to go by faster and faster and when I try to…

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Packing Checklist for CMA Fest

One of the hardest parts of going on any vacation or packing for a music festival is, well, the packing itself. What do you wear? What do you bring? What do you need or not need? It can be frustrating. Luckily, I live here in Nashville which makes life during CMA Fest a little easier…

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CMA Fest Pro Tips

The weather is heating up. Fan club parties are being announced. Travel plans are being finalized. Ah, yes…It’s CMA FEST TIME! Every year during the festival I can’t believe that its that time already, but once its over it always seems so far away. As each year comes and goes I feel like I always…

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Summer Music Festivals: What To Pack

Summer is officially here and that means…SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVALS! Whether you are a fan of country, jazz, folk, bluegrass or americana there is a festival for you! Although, Tennessee’s most famous festivals Bonnaroo and CMA Fest have already come and gone, there are still many other festivals coming up like Milwaukee Summer Fest, Warped Tour,…

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