Monday, August 26th of 2019 was a day I had been counting down til for a very long time.

Although, I had seen the Backstreet Boys a three times prior, it still felt like a first for me. I never did get to see them on tour during their “prime”. Not being able to drive at the time (due to age) and living in a town that was a 3-hour minimum from any concert venue made that a little challenging. The first time I saw them (EVER) was during their CMT Crossroads taping with Florida Georgia Line in 2017. It still ranks as one of the best nights I’ve had. The second time was during the 2018 CMT Awards – they may have only performed one song but you know this girl was living her best life during that 3-minutes and 50-seconds they were on stage. At this time, I wasn’t sure that I was going to ever be able to see them again. They were currently in Las Vegas doing shows for their residency at Planet Hollywood. I never thought I would be able to make it work to go. Little did I know that I would find a friend that wanted to attend just as bad as I did so we found a way and made it work. This brings us to show number 3 for me. It was November 17, 2018. I thought I had the time of my life during my other BSB moments. I was wrong. Since we were going all the way to Las Vegas and unsure if there was ever going to be an actual tour, we spent some money and splurged on pit tickets and the VIP meet and greet. After being a fan for years and years, I FINALLY met the Backstreet Boys. WHAT!? Still can’t believe that one. Each of these three shows each felt like a first. Crossroads- first time to ever see them live but not a full concert. CMT Awards – first award show performance – still not a full concert. Las Vegas Residency – First full show but not a touring show.

I feel like residency shows and actual concert tour shows are different. There’s a different vibe, a different energy. So now we are at my fourth Backstreet Boys event, my first actual tour concert and the excitement was just the same as it was in 2017. These boys still “Got it going on” y’all!

The show was opened by Brian Littrell’s son, Baylee. Baylee definitely takes after B-Rok – the talent of having great vocals and they look so much alike! He has released a couple songs this year, “Don’t knock it”, “Boxes” and “We Run This Beach” all of which get their time on stage along with a few others that haven’t been released. “Boxes” is probably my favorite. If you haven’t heard any of his music you really should go check it, “don’t knock it til you try it”;)

After about a brief 30 minute intermission, the lights dimmed and the screams from all the 20/30-something women ensued. I, being one of them. No shame.


The boys did a great job mixing in all of their old hits along with some new songs from their latest album, DNA, like Chateau, No Place, Passionate, New Love, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and Chances (just to name a few). They give their major hits like Quit Playing Games With My Heart, Incomplete, All I Have to Give and The One their moments to be adored as well. Hearing Incomplete live was one of my favorite moments from the show. There were even a few dance breaks included and yes, those boys still got it. Even after all these years they still don’t miss a beat with their choreographed moves. Nick Carter still has all the ladies swooning over him and Brian Littrell is charming everyone with his incredible vocal abilities and his great impressions of Nick. At one point in the show Kevin and AJ do a costume change on stage (hidden in a box) and decide to return the favor to all the women who have thrown bras at them over the years by throwing their underwear in to the pit area (clean and unused I’m sure). And Howie D? You know HOWIE do it – yes there are all Howie do it jokes thrown in throughout the show.

Let’s not forget about all the costume changes! It’s gotta be somewhat difficult to get five guys to match but be individuals too. They came out dressed like a unified group as they always have with color coordinating outfits to match their unique styles making each one differ slightly from the rest.

Not only did they do a fantastic job of giving each of their albums’ big hits, each Backstreet Boy was given their own moment on stage to shine. Afraid that you will be on the wrong side of the stage to see your fave BSB guy? No need to be disappointed they all move around as much as possible to try and get to each and every part of their carefully planned out stage some attention.

They finished off their 2-hour set with Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and Larger Than Life, as the boys sported cut-off Nashville Predators jerseys. Although, it seemed like a sin as an avid hockey fan to see jerseys worn this way, but if it was wrong I didn’t want to be right!

I will be seeing this tour one more time but if they weren’t lying when they said “as long as there is music we’ll be coming back again” then yes, yes I do “want it that way”. We, as fans were living our best lives, but you could tell the boys were living their best lives performing on stage. I, for one, am glad that Backstreet’s Back, Alright?