One of the many things I love about Nashville is there is always something new to discover. One thing that has been on my list to try was The Donut + Dog. It is a restaurant that sells, yep you guessed it, donuts and hot dogs! Not your usual pairing but it is actually quite genius and right up my alley since I do love my donuts and hot dogs! Don’t be fooled by the name they do offer many other great savory options like pretzel bites (yes, please!), burgers and a gooey grilled cheese.

Everything on the menu is a la carte and gives you the freedom to create your meal the way you’d like. I ordered a few options to try varying things. They were out of hot dogs when I visited so I got the “hangover burger” which is a cheeseburger with eggs and bacon and instead of a bun it is sandwiched between a glazed donut and it was absolutely delicious. I also tried their pretzel bites and parmesan truffle fries. I really had my heart set on trying their donuts since donuts are my weakness but they had run out. However, after my meal was finished I was talking to a few of the servers and they had discovered their was a donut that wasn’t up to their standards that couldn’t be sold sitting in the back that they let me have and it was well worth the wait of trying. It was one of the best donuts I have had – really a highlight of the dining experience. It was their “Pillow Talk” (guava and cream cheese) flavor can’t wait to get back to try more of their other flavors. The staff did mention their donuts go really fast, especially on the weekends so if you are planning to go have donuts – GO EARLY!

The burger was delicious – I just wish the egg had been cooked just a little bit more, but I would definitely recommend it. The glazed donut was made to perfection and complimented the breakfast themed burger. The parmesan truffle fries were good, but not my favorite. I actually really enjoyed the pretzel bites more. They come with a beer cheese dipping sauce, which I am not big on beer cheese so I opted out on the sauce but the pretzels were so good on their own they didn’t need anything extra!

The atmosphere was quiet, simple, a little quirky but overall comfortable. They have a few regular tables and chairs, an area with couches and an outdoor patio. Giving you varying options to optimize your dining experience.

I do plan on going back and hopefully soon. I am really hoping to try one of their infamous hot dogs and of course a new donut flavor or two. If you are a local you will want to go ASAP and if you are not a local make sure that The Donut + Dog is on your list of places to visit during your next Nashville vacation.

Not a fan of their savory options? Or just looking for a sweet treat/pick me up? Try one of their various beer or coffee options available too! They really do have something for everyone. Even kids options!

I will warn you now you will become a fan after your first visit – but don’t worry you can support your fandom with their great merch options. And before I forget one important thing…If you have been following me and my blog for a while you won’t be surprised by one of my favorite attributes…FREE PARKING!