Do you ever just find yourself tired and ready for bed after your long work day only to come home and your brain gets a second wind keeping you up late – knowing you have to be up early the next day to do it all again? How convenient.

Or maybe you just have a hard time falling asleep because there is just so much “stuff” going on with our daily lives that it’s hard to turn your brain off?

Maybe you just stay up to late getting wrapped up in a good book or binge watching a tv show. On a daily basis. (Friends and Office binges anyone?)

All of these are me. I work two jobs so I get up early in the morning and get home fairly late at night. Unfortunately, I am not one of those lucky people who can go to bed and just fall asleep when I get home. I feel like I must do ALL THE THINGS. Not only do I have to unpack my bag from the day and repack for the next and take my dog out, my brain usually gets its second wind and I have a hard time winding down.

There are a few things that I do to make my night easier. When I am preparing to start shutting things down and calling it a day, I run through a checklist to make sure things that need done before morning are done. Is my lunch for the next day made? Did I pack my work uniform/gym clothes? Are my work clothes laid out for the next morning? Are my two alarms set? Has the dog been taken out? Is the door locked? There’s just so many things that seem like tiny tasks but take up so much time.

Why do I do thing for my next morning the night before? Doing these simple tasks before bed help me calm my brain so I don’t stay up all night wondering if I did this or that. I like to feel prepared. Also, it helps my morning go smoother. All I have to do is get up, make myself look presentable, take the dog out and walk out the door. It’s especially helpful on days where it is just a little harder to get out of bed or if Checotah wants some extra puppy snuggles in the morning – which I will never take for granted or turn down.


There is one more thing that I CAN NOT forget in my nightly routine. Taking my Olly Restful Sleep gummies. So once all my things are packed, laid out and ready to go, I will take my two-gummies, crawl in bed and turn out the light for some much needed sleep. Sometimes I will take them about 30 minutes before I would like to fall asleep (usually during the last few small tasks that I am trying to get done fore the night). They have been a complete game changer and life saver when it comes to my nightly routine and falling asleep. These blackberry flavored gummies help me fall asleep with NO groggy feeling in the morning or weird dreams. I really have never felt any kind of side effect when taking them and I have been taking them for about 6 months, or longer. The longest I’ve ever been able to fight staying awake after taking them is 45-minutes, on average about 30-minutes. I can not recommend them enough. One canister will last you about a month and only run around $14. You can find them at retailers like Wal-Mart or Target, grocery stores on the Olly website. Sometimes you can even find them on sale directly from the store or earn cash back if there is an Ibotta deal available (if you don’t use Ibotta you should!).

I am definitely a believer in these gummies and I never go with out. The Olly brand in general has become a daily part of my life as well. I also take their Women’s Mulit-vitamin as well as their Vitamin D gummies. They offer a wide range of gummies for men, women and kids. Probiotics to Prenatals. Stress and Energy. As well as protein shakes and snacks – that are very tasty! And they work!

I am so thankful I have discovered these gummies and how they have helped me get the restful sleep that I need on a nightly basis. Give them a try – I’m sure you will become a believer and never go without them again!

*This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Olly – I truly do use them and feel that others will love and benefit from them too!*