Sitting down at a computer with a keyboard and a blank screen can be very therapeutic. It is just one reason why I wanted to create my own little corner of the internet. The number one reason I wanted to create a blog? I found that on a consistent basis I was  getting messages from friends, family and former classmates from back home in Nebraska asking me questions and needing recommendations for places to see or things to do in Nashville during their trip. Instead of typing the same thing over and over or finding a previous message and then doing a copy/paste edit job I decided a blog would be a good place to send everyone. I have even created a whole page just on Nashville recommendations!

As time went on as I was creating my blog I found myself getting more involved, writing more and wanting to keep up with it rather than just posting once, never to return again. I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to build a bigger presence than just friends and family. If my page helps a friend or family member who knows who else it might help! I spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at other Nashville bloggers who are rocking the game and took notes from each of them and tried to apply those things on my Instagram account and blog to make things “mine”. When you want to learn something new, it’s good to learn from the best right? As I got more and more interested in keeping up with the whole “blogging thing” I started finding more and more bloggers that I really like to follow that inspire me to become a better blogger every day. Below are just a few of my favorite Nashville bloggers that have inspired me along this journey of the blogging world and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Shea Leigh Mills

There’s not much you can’t love about Shea Leigh. From Chic-Fil-A hacks to beauty and lifestyle to her bubbly and hilarious personality – you can’t help but love her. I have really enjoyed watching her journey in the blogging/influencer world. She will give you major fashion envy and you will find yourself opening boxes of new clothes and shoes and wondering how they got there. I feel like I can quote mean girls to say this best, “I saw Shea Leigh Mills wearing army pants and flip-flops, so I bought army pants and flip-flops”. But seriously though, she has a knack for finding the cutest clothes and shoes! And usually at a discounted price or with a promo code aka yet another reason to love and follow her. The thing to love most about her? She keeps it real and shares both the good and not so good in life but no matter which one it is she keeps things positive. Her website even displays her life motto, “nothing can ruin this day”. How can you not love that!?

Shea Leigh’s Instagram

Hunter Premo

Looking for boho style or decor pieces? Looking for  hair care advice? Need a suggestion on a Nashville local hotspot? Hunter is your girl. Minor details don’t go unnoticed with the Nashville native’s online presence. Hunter has made her blogging business a family affair. She has a wonderful husband who is the mastermind behind all the great shots she posts. He even has his own blog, and shows that blogging is not just limited to the female market! She and her husband have really dove in to their craft and continue to succeed in their blogging careers. They will also give you major travel envy! Not only is she able to collaborate and work with her husband, she has two adorable pups, Cooper and Puddles, who have their own instagram. Keeping things in the family don’t stop there. Her mom, Melissa, has also joined in on the fun collaborating with Hunter on a jewelry line with Kristalize Jewelry. Family, lifestyle, fashion, traveler…what will Hunter do next? Her blogging journey will soon be one of your favorites as well.

Hunter’s Instagram

Living With Landyn

Oh, Landyn. Where do I begin? She, as she calls herself, is a “girls girl” and she is so right! I don’t know if there is anyone more relatable, honest, funny and is constantly winning at this wonderful game of life – even if a curve ball is thrown in to her field of all the things she has to juggle. This lady seriously does it all. She runs an amazing blog that will make you fall in love with all things, white, gold, and marble. You can turn to Landyn for beauty advice, life advice, love advice or about any topic. There really seems to be no limit. Need a great maxi dress – she’s got you! Counter tops? Home Decor? Jewelry cleaning? Concert fomo? DIY’s? She’s got all those things covered too and then some! She is the best friend we all wish we had in our real lives. On top of running a blog and offering advice to all of her online friends, she is wife to her former pro football hubby and is a mom to her two beautiful children – who keep her very busy with all of their school activities. There doesn’t seem to be anything this woman can’t do. She really is ALL. THE. THINGS.

Landyn’s Instagram

Riley Ahlstrand

Riley is a fairly new Nashville blogger and is as bubbly as can be. Her infectious personality will win you over immediately upon meeting her. I have known her for a few years now from being in the same fandom of an artist we are both fans of. Even being born in raised in Nashville she still loves to explore the sites and sounds of Music City. With a great sense a fashion, an upbeat and positive personality and a love for travel, her blog won’t have any problems succeeding in the influencer world. Looking for some travel tips or a road trip playlist? She’s got you covered. Plus, she has a love for great tacos and margs. Best friend status? Yes.

Riley’s Instagram

Sarah Belle Elizabeth

Another go-to for all things boho, is definitely Sarah. Her house is basically a boho paradise filled with beautiful succulents and great craigslist finds. You’ll probably find her at Home Depot buying more plants or at Sonic – can’t blame the girl, really. They do have the best drinks. Seriously, the best. She will give you major outfit envy with all of her posts. Sarah not only takes on the blogging and Instagram world but she also splits some of her time as a YouTuber! From vlogging her daily life and vacations to tips, tricks and daily routines – she really does it all and is quite a master at the craft. Her instagram page has an aesthetic that is beyond perfection. She will also be a great go-to if your looking to score some awesome Amazon finds!  And don’t forget about her sweet pup, Miller, who follows in his moms Instagram footsteps by having his own page. Yes, he’s named after the beer. One of my favorite things about her is that she is not afraid to be herself and has even created a page of her favorite bloopers from photo shoots. Own it, girl!

Sarah’s Instagram

Non-Nashville Mention – Katy Roach

I know Katy is from Texas and not Nashville, or even Tennessee but I won’t hold that against her, ha! She can be found at  Living My Best Style. PS how cute is her blog name? When it comes to instastories – she’s got some good ones and lots of AWESOME fashion finds! On a budget? No problem her fashion finds are within an affordable range. You will also be wondering why so many new clothes and shoes are ending up at your door step as well! This girl likes to spend my money! Thanks to her I found an Amazon wallet that looks very similar to a Louis Vuitton wallet which I am in love with – $15!  She finds all the things I never knew I needed til I watch her instastories and I always feel like “OOOH! I gotta have that! *order now*”. She’s also got some cute pups that like to make a guest appearance on occasion as well.

Katy’s Instagram

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