Photo via Budweiser (Best Buds ad)

In just a few short days, one of the biggest and sometimes not so family-friendliest get-together’s will be upon us. The Super Bowl commercial viewing…er…I mean game is coming and no matter which team you are rooting for, or if you’re like me and watch for the Budweiser commercials, you have the chance to be the real MVP of the game.

Sure, it’s easy to order a pizza or have a potluck, and just throw a party together that is beyond low-key.  Spice things up a bit this year and make the party itself a key player in the competition day to get your guests talking! It’s not too late to get your head in the game to start prepping your game day playbook.

First things, well…first. Take a trip to your local party store or hit up Party City’s website immediately and pick up some decorations.

Time for Kick-off:

  • A photo backdrop: Do it for the ‘gram! Create or purchase a photo-worthy backdrop and start snapping! Pull out a Polaroid camera and let your guests have a ball! Provide a few props as well like team colored pom-poms, inflatable helmets and footballs. Not the creative type? Party City has a great decorating kit to get you started.
  • A chalkboard sign: Welcome your guests with a personalized sign. Fill them in on the menu. Post your wi-fi password (or you will be asked for it all night). Let your guests know your party’s hashtag as well as the official team and game day hashtags that will be used.
  • Kid-friendly activities: Pick up some coloring books or some corn-hole boards. Set aside a room for those who will be bringing their children to be entertained, yet made to feel like they are having their own special party. This way you can enjoy your night with little interruptions (hopefully) and your kids can still feel like a part of the action.
  • The Main Attraction: Food. Set up a great display with a buffet-style set up. Party City has a great buffet style party pack that includes a menu board and field-goal picks to let your guests know what food is what. If labeling the food options is going too-far at least pick up the Super Bowl themed tablecloth and plate/utensil pack – and you won’t be doing any dishes later – BONUS!
  • Bonus point: Take your decoration game to the next level with this awesome Super Bowl themed ice bucket with koozie’s! The koozie’s can act as a great party favor for guests to take home with them and remind them of the great night that they had.

Now that you have created your Instagram-worthy set up, set your focus on step 2 of winning – your food! Keep things simple and think stadium-style finger foods. When you go to a game you think of hotdogs, pretzels and nachos. This is where you can control your game-day fuel. Either set up your party to be a a team effort and have a pot luck or take charge and go at it alone, just don’t make it any harder on yourself than you have to be. Make a few homemade items – get the man in your life to grill out – but don’t be afraid to pick up a few frozen items to throw in the oven like:

Of course these are just a few options for appetizers and snacks, but do provide more sustainable options like burgers and hotdogs. It’s never a bad idea to pick up a cheese/cracker tray or a veggie tray as well as some bags of chips and pretzel sticks.

One thing not to forget is tortilla chips and dip! One of my favorite cheese dips I like to make involves only a few ingredients:

Using either Velveeta or a mexican white cheese, melt the cheese in a crock pot (depending on the size of the crockpot will determine how much cheese you will need).  Grab a small jar of your favorite salsa and mix it in with the melted cheese. Then in a pan on the stove, brown some hamburger meat with taco seasoning and combine the cheese, meat and salsa in a crockpot on medium. Keep stirring to mix all the ingredients, and once the cheese has melted turn down to medium to keep warm. Don’t forget to keep stirring every so often.

If you want to be that host who’s just a little bit extra – serve all your treats with the Infladium! It will for sure get your guests talking and your social media loving friends will go nuts over the photos they can take with it!

You put in the work (prepping and making all the food) and effort (decorating your home) – now enjoy your win. Even if the team your cheering for doesn’t win, you are still the real winner and game MVP with your party skills!