When it comes to working out, it can take a lot of motivation to take the first step. Once dry-tempo-plus-size-womens-3-running-shortsthat step is taken and the workout is complete you feel like you can conquer anything. Truth is, you can conquer anything when you take the first step towards your workout. I struggle with this on a daily basis but I know my body thanks me for it once its over. Find something that motivates you to help you get to that point of getting the first step out of the way, like cute work out clothes!

Here are a few of my personal favorites.


My top pick for shorts, hands down, are the nike tempo running shorts. These come in both regular and plus sizes! I wear these around the house, running errands and for workouts. They are cute yet functional, and for some reason I feel they make my legs look better! They come in about any color combination you could want.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to have to have my leggings slide and have to pull them up and adjust them mid-workout. Personally, I have had the best luck with Old Navy leggings. Some people love their Lululemon and it may be dependent on your body type on how some leggings fit you best, but Old Navy hasn’t let me down. I also love that their fabric is a little thinner so that my undergarments are being seen through the fabric of my pants.


Calia, calia, calia! The every day tank is super soft and has a great fit. I live in these tank tops from work to working out they make great transition pieces. There’s not many days that go by that I haven’t worn one and there are so many great colors to choose from to fit your personal style!

Sports bra

Calia inner power crossbackI am not sponsored by or affiliated with the Calia brand at all but they make a great product and you need to know about it! They have many different bra styles to choose from that support you from your low impact work out to your high intensity work outs. My favorite is the Inner Power Crossback but you can’t go wrong with any of their bras and did I mention how CUTE they are?



Again, I know I am going to sond like a broken record but my thin-sock loving heart can’t get enough of these Calia low cut socks are a MUST! If you are the opposite of me and like a thicker sock, don’t worry they have you covered there too. I have tried some of their thicker socks and love them too.


Cheap shoes will cause you problems – invest in a better shoe for better results. Your feet will thank you later. My top pick for shoes is easily the Gel Nimbus from Asics. They have a number of great color combinations to choose from and are comfortable. The price tag may seem high to some but it is worth it to spend a little bit more money on a great shoe. It might be the most important piece to your work out attire.

Water bottles

Marble Swell BottleIt is important to stress the need to stay hydrated during your work out and I know I have mentioned the importance of water in your daily life and how much I love the BKR bottle. When it comes to working out my top pick is either the BKR bottle or the swell bottles. I have my eye on the adorable marble print one right now. If you follow me, you know I have a huge love of anything marble! Your workout clothes aren’t the only things that can be cute.

Gym bag

Now that you have a whole outfit to go workout in, you need something to carry it all in. I have two top picks: Under Armour and of course….CALIA! The Calia brand just gets my style with their color combinations as well as the cut of their products being great for my body. I bags from both UA as well as Calia. Calia takes the cake for being the most fashion forward and trendy, but for a more durable,sporty typical gym bag I love my UA Medium duffle which is the perfect size for all my gear as well as my gloves for kickboxing classes.

Now that you have a stylish and functionable workout clothes in your wardrobe, go kick that work out’s butt! Let me know what some of your favorite pieces are, favorite workouts, healthy recipes – let me in on your fitness world!