Are you commonly asked for something by a friend or family member and can usuallyWhatsInMyBag pull it out of your bag? I feel this way for most of my friends. I sometimes refer to my purses (I usually carry some sort of large tote style bag) as a “Mary Poppins” bag. From simple things like a pen or advil to even a small first aid pouch. I seem to carry everything. Is it necessary? Not always but the one time you need something I probably have it.

I wanted to share with you a few things that I carry with me in my bag.

Keeping it together

I switch up my bags every so often, but currently I am loving my Mamuye leather tote from FashionABLE. Not only is the tote adorable but I love supporting and carrying a bag that has a great message that comes along with it. If you don’t know about FashionABLE or their message, do yourself a favor and read here.

Keep it organized

I live by my Erin Condren planner. I have a busy schedule with two jobs and then trying balancing life in general on top of that. It can get pretty tough knowing what needs done and when and what job to be at and what time. I have used a planner since 7th grade and will always keep one. My friends will refer to me as a “planner nerd” and often describe me as organized. I’m also one of those people who color code and if you follow me on instagram you will know that I get PaperPanduh subscription boxes every month to decorate my planner. The planner obsession is real y’all!

Keep it clean

I always have hand sanitizer on me at all times! I keep one in my car and one in my bag. Being a germaphobe is a new thing to me and I’m not even sure when I developed the need to always have sanitizer with me. Currently, in my car I have one from Bath and Body works, but one of my favorites is in my bag – the spray sanitizer from The Honest Company in orange. It smells heavenly and dries quickly.

Keeping it smooth

With these winter months fastly approaching, I try to keep a lotion in my bag. My hands tend to get dry and crack during these dryer months. In my bag right now is a lotion from Anderson Lilley, scent: Winter in Manhattan Beach. It has a clean smell that is not overbearing and keeps my hands soft and smooth.

Also, in my bag keeping things smooth is a lip balm that I just recently discovered. The smell may be summery and beachy but it works and keeps my lips hydrated and so smooth! If you haven’t tried Sol De Janiero’s Brazilian Kiss, you must get your hands on one and it will become a new staple for you as well!

Keep on, keeping on

I stay powered with my Halo Top phone charger. This is how you know your halo top obsession is real when both you and your phone are fed by Halo Top!

If you are a social media addict like me, your phone batter will die quickly. I recommend always keeping one on you. So many times I am asked for a charger, but sometimes a wall plug in is not always available. These portable chargers can be used any time, anywhere.

Keeping hydrated

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your body and your skin will constantly thank you for it. Water should be your number one beauty essential, however, sometimes the flavor just needs…a little something to make it more exciting. I try to drink water plain as it comes as often as I can but sometimes I just need to add a little flavor, so that’s where Crystal Light comes in. I prefer the packets but will use the liquid flavors as well. Some of my favorite flavor additions are Grape and Strawberry.

Of course these aren’t the only items I keep in my bag but these are some of my favorite staples that I wanted to share. Share with me some of your favorite things to carry in your bag!