I am a firm believer in treating yourself. Sometimes in life we get caught up in taking care of this and that and everything (or everyone) in between but ourselves. Sure, it may seem selfish when your taking care of all the things to treat yourself, but you NEED to! One of the ways I do that for myself are my subscription boxes. I may be borderline addicted to receiving sub boxes when I get 4 different services sent to me, however, they are a small moment of happy in my life that make me feel like it’s Christmas morning every time they come. The popularity of sub boxes is growing and it seems as if there is a box for every hobby or interest. Like comics or super heroes? There’s a box for that. Interested in fitness? Yep, there’s a box for that. Addicted to Disney? You guessed it, there’s boxes for that too. There’s even a box for your pooch!

Not sure what subscription boxes are? Every time a box is sent to you the company works hard on curating products that either match a profile you’ve filled out or according to a theme/season. Most boxes won’t tell you what is in the box or let you choose colors of certain items, that’s the element of surprise that comes with the grab-bag like appeal of them. How often you receive them and the cost will all depend on the company. Of the four I am signed up for, three of which are monthly and one is seasonal (4x/year). The prices ranges, of the boxes I receive, range from $10-$50 per box. Some subscription boxes will offer you a discount if you pay for a full year in advance.

As a sub box addict, I am constantly telling people about the wonderful products I have received that I have fallen in love with or people are asking where I got such and such item. So I want to tell you about four of the services I receive.

PopSugar Must-Have

The PopSugar Must-Have box is a monthly service I have received for almost two years now. Although, like every subscription services it has had its hit-or-miss moments. Most of which have been hits for me. The cost is $39.95 (free shipping) monthly. They even offer limited edition boxes that you can purchase as an extra box and are very limited. You have to act quick on these as they usually sell out. There is typically a food item, lifestyle item and some sort of home item in each box. PopSugar will email you spoilers of 1-2 items but keep the rest a surprise until you receive the box. If you’re like me and can’t wait to be surprised I sometimes search through Instagram to see what everyone got if they got their box before me.


Paper Panduh 

This box has got to have the BEST presentation ever! If you follow my Instagram you will find videos of the boxes being opened to display how gorgeous the presentation is. There is so much attention to detail, the added touch of personalization on each box and the contents are beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, complete with a bow! I am already a self-proclaimed planner nerd. I live by my planner and sometimes get really into decorating and personalizing my planning pages. If you are anything like me on this and have a special love for your planner then you need to get this box. At $29.95/month you will receive sticker sheets, washi tape, decorative paper clips, pens and more all going along with a theme.


Love With Food

Do good and feel good about getting this box! They offer various sizes (obviously at various prices) as well as gluten-free boxes! This box is another monthly service that sends you healthier, better-for-you snacks that you can discover and enjoy. As cool as it may be to discover healthier versions of snacks and other food items, it’s even cooler that for every box that is sent out a meal is donated to a food bank! I receive the smallest box, the tasting box, and receive smaller sizes of items which make for great add-ins for my lunches or to throw in my bag when I have a full day of being on the go.



Last but not least is FabFitFun, which is easily at the top of my list. This was the first sub box I was exposed to and it is seasonal (4x/year). FabFitFun costs $49.99 and is filled with various lifestyle, beauty, home, jewelry, fitness and other items you never knew you always wanted. They also have some pretty awesome customer service. With FFF when you pay for the whole year in advance instead of each season you have the option to choose a few items in your box. You will be sent an email when it is time to choose your items and they will give you a couple items that are going to be in the boxes and you will be able to choose a certain color or pattern of that item.


If you would like to see some of the past items I have received in these boxes, check out my Instagram.

One thing to keep in mind with sub services to keep in mind is you will win some and you will lose some. Sometimes a box will be a grand slam and knock it out of the park with every item and sometimes you may feel disappointed with your items – that’s part of it. However, you can turn that disappointment into something good for someone else. There are times I have received items that I would never use but they have made great gifts for someone who would use it.

This all comes back to our original question on whether or not sub boxes are worth it? Clearly, I am a little biased but if I had to give an answer one way or another, I vote YES! A monthly present to myself every month is sometimes just the pick-me-up that I need. The great thing is that there seems to be a box for about every interest or hobby you can imagine. There’s still a few sub services I would love to add in and maybe one day I will – must. have. all. sub. boxes!!
Whatever your interests may be I hope you find a box that fits you well and you enjoy having the happiness of finding it at your door or mailbox.

If I haven’t encouraged you enough to get a sub box service, below are a few links of sub boxes to check out.



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PS. For a list of pretty much every sub service or if you ever want spoilers then this blog will be your go-to! http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/