There is still plenty of time to make a weekend getaway to a beach before the summer ends and the kid head back to school. The time to relax and recharge is always a good choice right before life gets crazy busy the last part of the year. With an upcoming beach trip myself, I wanted to share a few essentials you should be packing for your beach day.

Protect yourself

Wear sunscreen! (Anyone else get the Sunscreen song stuck in their head when they hear that?) Everyone says it but no one follows through on it. It is important to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the suns harmful UV rays. Don’t get too excited to get straight into the water without lathering up on the SPF 50! Also, invest in both a face sunscreen as well as a body sunscreen. Think of it this way, when you are at the drugstore buying body wash, usually you pick out a face wash as well. Sunscreen lip balm is also a must to keep in your bag. Think of how bad your lips hurt when they get chapped in the winter, you don’t want to have sore lips from being burnt either! A key tip to making sunscreen work? Reapply it again after a couple hours.

In addition to wearing sunscreen, I recommend bringing along two important (& more fashion friendly) accessories: a hat and sunglasses. Whether you rock a dad hat or floppy hat, protect your head! You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have an itchy, peeling burn on your scalp. You don’t always have to have the nicest pairs of Raybans to bring to the beach, a cheap pair from a gas station will still look just as cool and serve a purpose. Plus, if you lose or break your cheap sunglasses it won’t be as painful if you were to lose or break an expensive pair.


It may sound a bit obnoxious but I recommend bringing two towels with you. I bring along a beach towel to dry off with when I get in and out of the water as well as my Gyspsy 05 roundie, which isn’t exactly a towel, to sit on. If you don’t have some sort of beach blanket, this is why I recommend bringing along a second towel. That way you don’t have to invest in an extra cost if you don’t want to.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

bkrrosyThe sun can take a lot out of you and it’s important to keep your body hydrated when your out in the heat. Be sure to pack along a couple water bottles, like the BKR bottle or even a Yeti. These two are my personal favorites. I will bring along both. My Yeti will keep my ice cold and I can refill it with water from my BKR.


Snacks, snacks, snacks!

At some point throughout the day you’re going to get hungry and may not have the option to purchase food from a concession stand or head back to where you are staying. You will want to keep in mind to pack things like nuts or crackers, something that won’t melt and get all over your belongings. Unless you plan on bringing along a cooler as well then be sure to ice it down and pack all your favorite sandwiches, chocolates and other favorite snacks.

Traveling Sound Waves

A portable speaker will be a game changer! Bring along your ipod/mp3 player and a small speaker and turn your beach day into a party!

No money, no problem

Ok, so having no money might be a problem, but who wants to lug their purse or bulky wallet around at the beach? Not this girl! I recommend throwing a few essential cards, like your i.d. and a couple debit/credit cards, in a small wristlet or invest in a Thread Wallet. I love the Thread Wallets because they hold 2-6 cards and a couple cash bills. They can clip on to your keys or you can pick up a matching neck or wrist lanyard.

Totes y’all

A waterproof splash bag, like these from Aloha, are great for keeping your sunscreen, cell phone and other valuables together and dry.

4thingstoteAnd finally….an over-sized beach tote is an absolute must when going to the beach. Something cute yet functional to carry all your essentials. I’m really liking the 4 Things Tote from The Shop Forward. It’s cute, functional, customizable and a great conversation starter!

So throw on your cute swimsuit, flip flops and cover up and head to the beach for some much needed R&R!