If you have never visited Nashville and are planning your first trip here or are just moving here then this is the guide for you!

After living here in Nashville for 6 years, I am still learning and finding new things. I still love being a tourist in my own city and exploring all this city has to offer. However, living here for that long has also intrigued many of my friends and family members to visit and come to me for advice on things to see or do. SO! I have decided to put together a series/guide to help you on your Nashville adventure.

Since there are so many wonderful things about this city, putting my favorites in one blog would be rather lengthy. So over the course of this week, I am going to be doing a series of blogs on some of my favorite places to eat, shop, and visit.

Let’s start of with places to eat. This list is in no particular order and was kept to more affordable places that the whole family can visit.


Hattie B’s Hot Chicken | Located: Midtown, West Nashville |Note: The line will be worth the wait.

The Pub | Located: The Gulch | Note: Great atmosphere and their pretzel buns are amazing!

Biscuit Love | Located: The Gulch | Note: Be prepared for a line!…but…BISCUITS!

Martin’s BBQ | Located: Downtown, Belmont, Mt Juliet, Nolensville | Note: Some of the best bbq you will ever have!

Grilled Cheeserie Melt Shop | Located: Belcourt | Note: The Grilled Cheeserie is one of Nashville’s most popular food trucks that now has a brick-and-mortar store. Can’t find the truck? Go to the melt shop!

Pancake Pantry | Located: 21st Ave |Note: Rain or Shine, always a line and well worth it!

Loveless Cafe | Located: TN-100 | Note: This is one may be a bit of a drive but all I need to say is: BISCUITS & BACON!

The Pharmacy | Located: East Nashville | Note: Get there early and prepare for one of the best burgers you’ll ever have.

Rosepepper | Located: East Nashville | Note: Great mexican food, even clever marquee sign.

Taco Mamacita | Located: Edgehill | Note: Non-traditional tacos, great atmosphere.

Soulshine Pizza | Located: Midtown | Note: This is one of my personal fave places, to me, there’s not much better.

Joey’s House of Pizza | Located: Elm Hill Pike | Note: A hidden gem of true NY style pizza and I recommend “The Gladiator”.

Arnold’s |Located: 8th Ave | Note: Best meat and three in Nashville? This is it!


Sweet Treats

Five Daughter’s | Located: 12 South, Franklin, East Nashville | Note: 100 layer croissant donuts, need I say more?

IveyCake | Located: Franklin |Note: Other cupcakes can’t compete.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream | Located: 12 South, 21st Ave, East Nashville |Note: Not your typical ice cream flavors but some of the best you’ll ever have.


Pick Me Up’s aka COFFEEEE

Frothy Monkey | Located: Downtown, 12 South | Note: Great coffee, but if you’re not a coffee drinker their hot chocolate is a must!

Portland Brew | Located: East Nashville, 12 South | Note: Some of the best cold brew!

Edgehill Cafe | Located: Edgehill | Note: great coffee, upscale atmosphere, not a typical coffee house.


Next up in this series: Things to see and do!