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2nd Annual Blogger Xchange Xpo – Review

This time last year, I remember being nervous walking in to Red Pepper wondering how a weekend at a blogger event would play out. I hadn’t ever been. No one really knew I was blogging. Was I ready? Am I going to know anyone? Are all the attendees going to be experienced? Was I going…

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The night time routine to help you fall asleep easier.

Do you ever just find yourself tired and ready for bed after your long work day only to come home and your brain gets a second wind keeping you up late – knowing you have to be up early the next day to do it all again? How convenient. Or maybe you just have a…

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Happy Birthday to…YOU! 20 birthday freebies/discounts to take advantage of!

Celebrating birthday’s is one of my favorite things to do. I love to celebrate others as well as be celebrated on my special day. One way I love to make my birthday celebrations special is taking advantage of all the birthday perks that companies like to offer. There’s just something about getting free treats or…

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Self Care is NOT Selfish

  Sometimes in life you just need to learn lessons the hard way. For me, and recently, that was learning about self care and putting myself first AND…most importantly that it is NOT selfish to do so. I work two jobs, try to run and create a successful blog, and if there is time in…

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